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4 Reasons Why Bali is a Paradise on Earth

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Gods and Goddesses won’t feel kicked out of paradise in Bali! In fact, Bali is nicknamed ‘The Island of the Gods’, and if you ask me, it is not only because of the Balinese culture where honouring the Gods and Goddesses of the sea, the sky, wind, fire, rice paddies, lakes and so on, are part of daily life. It is also because the island literally is like a paradise with its sweeping emerald rice paddies, the gorgeous black and white sand beaches, the rugged holy volcanoes, the dramatic clifftops, deep river valleys, the temples and luxury villas. Here are 4 reasons why Bali is a paradise on earth:

1. Luxury villas

Image credit: Villa-Bali.com


Like I mentioned before, luxury villas cannot be missed on the list of why Bali is such as paradise island. For those coming to spend their holidays on this magical little Hindu Island, you may feel like Gods and Goddesses yourself when waking up to the stunning island views, jumping in your private swimming pool and getting pampered with tropical breakfasts, in-villa massages and friendly smiles of the Balinese people who look after the villa and it’s guests. There is a wide range of luxury villas available all around the island and prices are plain low compared to those in the western world – it may even be cheaper to have your own private pool villa than to stay in a hotel. There are villas for every budget, tropical and contemporary styled. It is all up to your preferences. Find your dream-come-true private villa in Bali here.

2. Sacred and Holy places

You can simply not get around the beautiful temples and shrines that gives this island such an exotic and a deeply spiritual feel. Temples are everywhere, and even every house has got its own shrine where the Balinese bring their offerings several times a day. The culture is more than intriguing, and the list of holy and sacred places is endless. From volcanoes to lakes, the Gods live everywhere. During your stay, you will witness ceremonies, hear mystical sounds and inhale incense. You will step on holy grounds and visit ancient sacred temples. No matter where you go, your trip will be influenced by cultural and spiritual events, like a mystical paradise that somehow exists on planet earth.

3. The Balinese Spa culture

Massages and spa treatments are also deeply entwined with the Balinese culture, and it certainly adds to the paradise feel of this island. There are luxury spas everywhere and who doesn’t love to relax with a good, tension-relieving Balinese massage? You can have complete spa days, starting with a pedicure and manicure, followed by a massage and body wrap, a cream bath and a facial. You’ll return home reborn!

4. Foodie Heaven

Bali is more than a paradise when it comes to food if you ask me! Food stalls and local warungs everywhere, especially after sunset when shops start closing, little street warungs open up. Nasi Goreng, chicken soup, martabak, fried bananas, sate, you can just keep on eating. All the food is prepared with local spices, according to ancient traditions. To get the most authentic food, get your dinner at these busy food stalls or on local markets. For lunch, stop at a local warung (seek out a busy one) and get your plate of nasi campur. You simply point your finger at dishes in the display and, it will be added to your rice, with some sambal of course. Selamat Makan!


The article is written by Stephanie from Villa-Finder.com.