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There is no better way to explore new destinations than by motorbike. It’s the most raw, exciting and also convenient way to travel, and wherever you want to go, you will find that you get the full experience of being at one with nature, while also being able to get from place to place with ease. When planning a road trip, whether at home or abroad, it pays to make sure your bike is fully serviced and ready to go. If you service your own bike, we recommend you check out BikeBandit.com, the leading name in quality brand parts, accessories, gear and after-market parts, with excellent prices and quick delivery.

So, where do you go on your bike vacation? There is a whole world out there, and you may be surprised what you can find close to home!


There is so much diversity in the USA that it can be difficult to advise travellers where to visit! Any one of the magnificent states offers a great deal of interest, with stunning cities and beautiful sights, and there is so much in the way of diverse culture to enjoy, too. What about a road trip across the iconic Route 66, a favourite with bikers from across the world? There is little like this route, immortalised on the page and in film, and it takes you to some of the most amazing places in the US. Before you set out, make sure you check your bike is up to it; you can find, for example, a comprehensive range of tires for motorcycles at BikeBandit, with brands such as Pirelli and Bridgestone in stock, all at excellent prices and with fast delivery.


The European countries offer a wealth of diversity; from the superb country roads of the UK, to the magnificent Alpine sweeps on the continent, the latter being a biker’s dream. Nothing beats the thrill of negotiating, for example, the incredible Stelvio Pass, which has been featured on many a motoring and biking TV programme, so check it out and see what you’re missing. France, Germany, Italy and Spain are all great for on and off-road biking, so if you want to get your dirt bike up to scratch, check out the range of dirt bike parts for Honda models at BikeBandit.

Rest of the World

If you want to travel long-distance, why not head to Australia? This vast, sparse land is home to some of the most unique animals on the planet, and offers a chance to visit a land that is as ancient as any. Then there’s the Far East; Vietnam is fast becoming a favourite for bike holidays, thanks to its quite stunning scenery and wonderful people, and you might want to consider the wonders of Africa, where there are too many countries to mention in such a short piece. Wherever you choose to go, take the time to make sure your bike is up to scratch, and you will enjoy yourself to the full.

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Big Ben? Just a big old clock. The Tower of London? Just an old prison really. If you’re going to be in London and the idea of hopping on the tube just to go from tourist trap to tourist trap doesn’t sound like the best way to spend your day, then it’s about time you found out how to treat yourself in the capital. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie who loves doing the extraordinary of just someone who wants some much needed me time, here are 4 ways to spend an untraditional day in London.

Do Some Rap Jumping

How does taking a dive face first off a 150ft building sound? If you have never heard of rap jumping, it is a form of abseiling that was created all the way back in the 1960s by the Australian army who probably wanted to look as badass as possible when rappelling down a building. Traditionally when you abseil down a building, you’re doing it with your head facing the wall and going down bum first. In this though, you are tied to the building and go down face first as if you’re going to run down the building.

The one place in the city doing this is Rap Jumping London who are based at Woodberry Down in the north of town. Why are they a bit out of the way? Well they have access to an actual castle that is almost 200feet high. That’s right; you get the chance to repel down a castle.


Float on the Thames

When heights aren’t your thing (and you don’t mind the idea of taking a dip in the Thames) you could try out fly-boarding which is another activity you’ve probably never heard of before. Fly boarding is a bit like using a jet pack on water. You’re strapped on to a small balancing board with something that looks a little like a jet pack. It has a massive tube that pulls in water and launches you in the air where you will either balance and look quite slick or (which is most likely) try your best not to go 10 feet in the air and then fall right back in water.

Get a Hawaiian Massage

There’s an abundance of spas and salons dotted around town that offer a whole host of amazing treatments and getting a massage in London is a must, especially if you’re visiting on a long haul trip and want to get your body out of a jet lag funk. One way to do that would be to get a normal massage, but this isn’t a normal guide for what to do in London.

Instead you’ll want to visit a place like The Hale Clinic just beside Regent Park’s Station and try out a Lomi Lomi massage. What makes a massage like this different? Well for one thing the therapist might just jump up on the table and use their whole-body weight to squeeze and push. The treatment is very intense but is supposed to be great at improving circulation.


Eat on the Tube

Ever sat down on the tube and been met with someone eating a very heavily seasoned bag of chips or a smelly tuna sandwich? Eating in such a confined space isn’t something you’d usually think of doing, but the unique Underground Supper Club is an exclusive monthly dinner event where you have a full slap up meal made by a chef; all done inside an old (refurbished) tube.

It’s a 7 course culinary experience that turns a cabin stuck in a car park in Walthamstow in to one of the most exclusive restaurants in London.

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Americans have always had a love for the UK and travelling there on holiday.  It’s hard to argue with their reasons as the UK has such a deep history and heritage.  Some of the most stunning scenery in the world and some of the most magnificent landmarks can be found within the borders of both land masses that make up the United Kingdom.  Which sights and landmarks do Americans prefer to visit most though?  A survey was conducted by Send My Bag, a courier company that specialises in door to door holiday baggage delivers, to find out the answer to that question.


Millions Of Americans Spend Billions In The UK


Well in excess of 34 million Americans fly across the Atlantic to the UK every year and when you look closer at some of the statistics, such as in just 2014 Americans alone spent £17 billion on our soil.  The survey was participated by over 5000 US residents over the age of 18.  They were asked which landmark they’d most like to visit and were given 10 of our most popular tourists attractions to choose from.


Much of the list is not particularly surprising as many of the landmarks are also favourites to visit for UK residents.  However, what may be surprising is the enduring interest other countries around the world, in this case, the US, have in the British Royal Family.  Almost half the list are taken up with sights related to the Royal heritage of the UK, with Buckingham Palace receiving 22% of the votes as most popular.


Americans Love For The Royals


Why are the Royal Family, who do not hold as much sway or control over the nation, as their ancestors once did, still of great interest to foreigners, especially those across the pond?  A lot of that has undoubtedly to do with Princess Diana and the modern age of the Royal Family and their role on a worldwide scale.  Princess Diana, was for most, the first Royal that Americans fell in love with.


Her death seemed to only endear Americans to the Royals even more.  Again, this is because of the legacy Diana left in her death – her sons.  Prince William and Prince Harry have given the world a younger more relatable side of the monarchy.  Harry serving time in the military and working a lot State-side and William’s courtship and eventual marriage to Kate Middleton and the birth of their children has given much to keep Americans interested across the pond.


These are perhaps many of the reasons why Buckingham Palace and then Tower of London, two landmarks closely connected to the monarchy are the places where a large percentage of the Americans surveyed wanted to visit.  Even when you consider further down the list at Westminster Abbey and the Royal Yacht Britannia.  It will be interesting how much this changes over the next 10 to 20 years, with the Prince William and Kate Middleton’s kids growing up with the attention of the media from around the world.



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The largest of the UK’s national parks, the Lake District boasts an impressive 16 lakes and over 150 high peaks. It is also home to some six nature reserves, 50 dales and 100 sites of special scientific interest. When it comes to picking out the most beautiful attractions in this lush, green landscape, you really are spoiled for choice.

If you’re planning to book one of the many holiday cottages offered by rental agencies such as Lakelovers and you’re seeking sightseeing ideas for your stay, the following attractions are well worth a look. They are among the most beautiful in the Lake District, if not the world.


Stretching out for over 10 miles, Windermere is the largest natural lake in England. This long waterway lies between Ambleside and Newby Bridge and it has been a tourist favourite since the railways arrived in the area in the middle of the 19th century. From Bowness-on-Windermere, you can take a picturesque boat trip around the lake and its many islands. Don’t expect to have the place to yourself though. This is the most popular spot for holidaymakers in the national park.

Coniston Water

Just to the west of this majestic waterway you’ll find Coniston Water. This is the stretch of water made famous by Sir Malcolm Campbell and his son Donald when they set a number of water-speed records between the 1930s and 1960s. However, you can expect a much more serene atmosphere if you visit the area now.

Quieter than Windermere, this is another great place to take a boat ride. Between March and November, you can book yourself onto the Victorian Steam Yacht Gondola. Renovated by the National Trust, this attractive vessel features two saloons that make the ideal setting from which to view the stunning scenery. You can also take a trip on the solar-powered Coniston Launch.

Great Langdale

If it’s hiking you’re after, it’s hard to beat Great Langdale. This is home to some of the best walking routes in the area. The Great Langdale valley spans 12,170 acres and much of the land is cared for by the National Trust. Meanwhile, the surrounding fells include Crinkle Crags, Rossett Pike, Pike O’Blisco and the Langdale Pikes. The last of these attracts many walkers. However, more experienced hikers often prefer the circuit that takes them along Crinkle Crags and Bowfell. Whichever route you opt for, you can rest assured you’ll experience fabulous views.

Tarn Hows

Also known as The Tarns, Tarn Hows is a popular visitor spot in Lakeland. This waterway, which is surrounded by trees, is striking to look at. It was created in the mid-19th century when a local landowner decided to enhance the vista by combining three pools. From The Tarns, you can look out towards the Helvellyn range, the Langdale Pikes and Wetherlam.

You can also wander around the 1.5 mile walkway that traces the perimeter of the pools. This well-maintained path is suitable for buggies and wheelchairs too. Bear in mind though, during the height of the summer season, this location tends to get pretty packed and you might struggle to find a space in the National Trust car park. Instead, you can make the short trip on foot from Coniston or Hawkshead. When you see how attractive this part of the national park is, you’ll understand why Beatrix Potter bought it when it came up for sale in 1929.

It’s impossible to narrow down the best of the Lake District’s beauty spots into a short list. These visitor attractions simply give you a flavour of what this vast, undulating national park has to offer. There is plenty more to see and do in this popular holiday spot.


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Steeped in rich and fascinating history, London is a city with a huge amount to see and explore if you are keen to delve into the past and learn more about the roots of this area. While the city’s history is definitely fascinating, much of it is also dark and relates to tragedies, death, executions, murders, and more. For those who want to explore the darker side of London there are some excellent night time bus tours of London, all of which can provide a valuable insight into the more tragic or gruesome history of the city.


Visit the dark side

If you want to learn more about the darker side of London there are various attractions and sites that will enable you to do this. Some of the places to visit while you are in the city include:

The Tower of London: The Tower of London has actually served many purposes over the centuries, including being the home of the Royal Mint. However, the dark side of its history relates to the imprisonments, executions, and alleged murders that have taken place at what has become known as the ‘bloody tower’. When you visit this attractions you can really immerse yourself in some of London’s darkest history, and you can even learn about the ghosts that are meant to haunt the tower, including that of Anne Boleyn.


The London Dungeon: When you visit the London Dungeon you will be able to learn about some of the tragedies that have befallen London while also being treated to something of a theatrical show. This is an attraction that manages to inject fun into learning about the darker site of the city’s history, making for a unique and exciting experience.


Whitechapel: Whitechapel’s most famous ‘son’ is unfortunately hailed as one of the most famous serial killers of all time – largely because he was never caught. This was, of course, Jack the Ripper’s hunting ground and you can learn more about his gruesome crimes by taking a Jack the Ripper night tour in Whitechapel where you will visit some of the areas where he committed his acts of murder. This is a fascinating walking tour that even looks at theories relating to who the murdered might have been.


Bank of London: It may sound like an unlikely place to see a darker side of London, but the Bank of London is built on the site of an old cemetery and in true horror movie style is said to be haunted as a result of this. In fact, the bank is said to have a number of ghosts including one called the ‘bank nun’ whose ghost is said to appear on the steps of the bank to wait for her bank clerk brother, which is what the woman used to do when she and her brother were alive.


Madame Tussauds: Looking at the waxworks of royalty and celebrities isn’t particularly daunting for most people but when you head to the Scream exhibition at this famous house of wax, you can look forward to exploring characters that are altogether more gruesome.


With this selection of attractions, visitors can spend time finding out more about the more chilling side of London and its past.



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