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A Slice of South Pacific Paradise

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For an unusual holiday destination this summer you could take a trip to the Pitcairn Islands. Situated in the South Pacific Ocean this group of tiny islands was once a British colony but now has it’s own government, laws and regulations. Far enough away from modern and busy cities the islands are a haven for wildlife and one of the most peaceful places you could ever visit on the planet. Stunning scenery, friendly local people and a way of life that is foreign to many of us are what attract visitors to this group of islands.

The main island is inhabited by a total of 48 residents – most of whom are direct descendants of British sailors who arrived on the HMS Bounty many years ago. The island of Pitcairn is now formally a British overseas territory although they do use the New Zealand dollar as the official currency. You can visit Pitcairn Island for up to 14 days without a specialist visa but a longer stay will require you to make an application to the local government and fees will be payable. Getting to the island is via boat only, with many cruise ships stopping off regularly for tourists to explore the island. There are also 8 trips a year by Pitcairn’s own chartered vessel, Claymore II for those who wish to stay on the island for more than a few hours.

The facilities on the island may not be quite up to western standards but the sheer beauty of the place makes up for it. Deep blue water, sunshine and a wealth of tropical looking greenery mean that Pitcairn island is perfect for photographers and nature lovers alike. The history of the island has been slightly romanticised but is something that every visitor should endeavour to find out more about. The community spirit of the Anglo-Tahitian inhabitants of Pitcairn Island can almost be felt from the moment you step ashore.

Since the island is so isolated it is the tourist trade that allows the locals to stay and live. You can buy produce made on the island and souvenirs to take home with you. Tasty local honey, soap made from plants found on the Pitcairn Island and even collectible stamp are all on sale. Some people enjoy visiting the island as it gives them a sense of peace and they appreciate the sheer beauty of this 3 mile wide by 1 mile long haven. Others tend to find that it makes them yearn for older times or adversely can become the turning point in their lives. One thing is for sure – this serene and attractive island holds a lot of mystery and is worth visiting.

Pitcairn Island may be small but does not lack in character or interesting historical facts. With place names such as Bounty Bay, Adamstown, Bob’s Valley and The Edge you can let your imagination go wild and enjoy your time spent in this beautiful South Pacific paradise, where you will find memories are easy to make and the smiles of the island people are infectious.