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Three Places to Visit in Kerala

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Kerala is a paradisiacal haven for those who enjoy stepping away from the beaten track. Famed for its stunning scenery, palm-lined beaches, and intricate grid of canals, it is perfect for adventurous luxury lovers looking for somewhere new to try.


Kerala’s most celebrated feature is its stunning coast. The state stretches along almost 600km of Arabian Sea shoreline, encompassing a myriad of white sand beaches, framed by blue skies and heavily laden palm trees. Home to a delightful network of luxurious seaside resorts, the state also houses the stunning Western Ghats mountain range, a natural utopia for native wildlife.


If India’s seaside state is somewhere that you’d like to visit, then here are three must see destinations to check out…


#1: Kerala Canals


Kerala is home to an intricate network of canals, and they make the perfect destination for erstwhile adventurers. Locally referred to as ‘The Backwaters’, these palm-fringed waterways will take you through a tropical paradise, their route lined with exotic flora and fauna. The best way to see them is by houseboat, and this promises to be an experience in and of itself. With freshly cooked Indian cuisine available on tap, as well as fully stocked bars aboard most of the boats, you can live and dine like royalty. To make the experience really unforgettable, be sure to spend a night or two out in the middle of one of the lakes, to see and hear the native wildlife first-hand.


#2: Munnar


If you’re a typical Brit, then tea will be one of your most treasured delicacies, and this makes a trip to Munnar a must. The region is renowned for its famous tea plantations, and its mountain slopes are rich with the scent of growing plants and a myriad of exotic flora and fauna. A visit offers the chance to see the delicacy being picked and processed up close, and there are also plenty of opportunities to try it from the source. When you’re done, the cultured amongst you can visit the local tea museum, whilst the more adventurous can escape onto the mountains, following the winding lanes high into the clouds.


#3: Periyar National Park


Your final stop should be the beautiful Periyar National Park. Located deep in the Thekkady district, it is one of the most widely renowned and popular tourist destinations in southern India. It is most famous for its thriving herds of elephants, which wander through the park at liberty. Their tame counterparts are also protected within the sanctuary’s bounds, and offer tourists the unique experience to see the jungle from atop their broad, swaying backs. You can top your day off with a boat trip on the lake, and watch the sun set across the water, turning its clear surface a thousand shades of orange and red and gold.


If you’re searching for adventure, why not book a trip to Kerala today?