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5 Super Ideas to Light Up Your Anniversary Celebrations

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Love needs no reason to celebrate. Love is a constant celebration of life, togetherness and a special promise between two people. Still, special occasions call for a reignited spark in the relationship. And what’s a better occasion for that than your wedding or anniversary?

Admit it – your life changed the day you started dating that one person or the day you got married. You set on an unending journey of fulfilment with your body, mind and soul. You probably still get that anxious yet exciting feeling in your stomach when you think about that day. So, you have all the right reasons to celebrate it every year with no inhibitions.

We list here some interesting ideas for anniversary celebrations to strengthen the bond with your special one.

1. Get More Intimate

Let your partner know you still cherish their physical presence in your life and you would never feel as attracted to anybody else. Sex and other acts of intimacy are scientifically proven ways to enhance the bond between two people and cement their love.

Since it’s your anniversary, do not hold back. Ever had any fantasies in mind? Share them. Take a long, relaxing shower together. People often hold their whole anniversary celebrations outside neglecting what they could do at home with even more passion.

2. Go On a Cruise – Let the ocean work its magic!

Cruise rides are always fun and refreshing regardless who you are with. But, this could mean even more when you take your partner with you on your anniversary day. It can’t get more romantic than celebrating your love on the waters.

You can have a romantic lunch or dinner there. You can play fun games. You can even observe the beauty of the gigantic whales around. You can truly spark up your anniversary celebrations through a whale watching charter boat hire.

3. Take Part in Each Other’s Passions

We all are passionate about something. These passions may include photography, cooking, movies, painting and others. As a part of your anniversary celebrations, do together whatever you both are passionate about. This will not only offer a great time but it would be liberating to know that you have someone you can share your passions with. Make special time to cherish this aspect of relationship.

4. Have a Themed Dinner

No anniversary celebrations are complete without a beautiful romantic dinner. Get some special food made or even better – cook a romantic dinner together. Add some specialness by setting up a theme. Let the theme consist of your favourite and elegant colours. Decorate the space and dress accordingly. You can select the dress you want to see your partner glow in, and let them select yours. Or simply, gift one to each other.

5. Hold a Surprise for Each Other

Another great way to add excitement to your anniversary celebrations is by surprising each other. This surprise may be of any kind and may involve any activity (or not).  You can be fully creative here and shower your love in a unique, personalised way. Catch your partner off-guard by revealing the surprise at any point of the day.

These ideas are surely going to infuse the right energy, excitement and depth into your anniversary celebrations. Happy living and loving!