There are many reasons that UK residents want to move countries and explore more of the world outside of yearly holidays. Some of these reasons, to name a few, are the weather, job opportunities and of course, simply a fresh start. Whatever reason you have, if you are considering moving, it is a big decision and a drastic lifestyle change. So, as experts in this area, have done extensive research using information from reputable intergovernmental organisations such as the UN, World Bank and OCED, to give us the most accurate findings and help see which nations are indeed the best for those looking to make the move and become expats.

What we Did

In order to narrow down our list, we had to decide on a specific data set. Our data set covered a variety of different aspects that may affect day-to-day life.

We narrowed down all the countries in the world to the 18 we felt were most popular with UK expats to start with. These 18 include Spain, Australia and the USA, as well as other locations like Mexico, Brazil and India.

In total, we looked at 11 different data sets for all 18 countries. These included: income tax levels, average net incomes, real wages, education ranking, property price to income ratio, crime and unemployment levels, healthcare efficiency, English proficiency and food costs. These stats gave us strong indications on a wide range of factors that directly affect quality of life.

After gathering the data, we began to analyse the stats to see which countries stood out and in which areas they performed strongest. We took what we found and compared it against the UK to see what the similarities and differences are between our nation and those overseas, to ultimately find the ideal location for potential UK expats to relocate to.

Finally, with a combination of these numbers and figures and our thorough research from sources including the OECD, United Nations, World Bank, Bloomberg and more, we ranked the data by the most favourable results.


What we Uncovered

Before we reveal which country hit the top spot, some of the more notable information that we discovered includes:

The USA has the lowest property price to income ratio, making US real estate much more affordable than that of the UK.

India’s food is the cheapest, it has the lowest cost of food per head in the average weekly shop equating to £86.62* for a family of four, compared to £174.74 in the UK

Singapore has the most efficient healthcare and the best education, meaning less waiting times and higher grades than in UK schools

Norway has the highest GDP per capita and the highest level of English proficiency out of the countries which don’t list English as an official language, with 68% of the population able to effectively read, write and hold a conversation in English

Ireland overall shares the most similarities to the UK, with similar income, temperature, healthcare and education rankings

The Results

Overall, Singapore was found to be the best option for UK expats, with the lowest crime rankings and most efficient healthcare. In last place was India, with low income and high crime.

  1. Singapore
  2. Canada
  3. Australia
  4. United Arab Emirates
  5. USA
  6. Norway
  7. Ireland
  8. Germany
  9. New Zealand
  10. Japan
  11. France
  12. Spain
  13. Russia
  14. China
  15. Brazil
  16. South Africa
  17. India



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