Whether you’re relaxing on the beach or sipping a refreshing cocktail by the poolside, no summer look is complete without a set of perfectly manicured fingers and toes. This season’s nail trends are all about fun colour schemes, embellished designs and nautical themes.

Here are a few simple suggestions on how to achieve the perfect summer-inspired nails:


Gel and Acrylic


For many, leaving the salon with a fresh set of beautiful nails is the perfect way to kick start the summer. After all, summer holidays are all about showing off your style and looking glamorous.

Acrylic nails are one of the most popular treatments and are favoured by many because of their longevity. If they are applied correctly and well maintained, acrylics can last for the whole duration of a two week holiday – meaning you won’t have to worry about any potential nail disasters while away!

While still retaining the strength of acrylic, gel application has a clear, glossy texture and more natural appearance. The smooth surface that gel creates provides the perfect surface for applying nail art.

Whatever style you choose, if your natural nails are in a poor condition or too short, cosmetic nails offer the perfect solution.




There’s no better time to experiment with exciting colour schemes than during the summer months. Pink, coral, turquoise and orange are among the most popular shades used to compliment bronzed skin and summery outfits. Rather than keeping all of your nails the same shade, try mixing it up by using different hues on selected fingers to create a fun, playful look. Light shades, nudes and pastel colours can also help to make brighter colours pop.

From contrasting neons to ombre fade-out pastels, there are a whole host of eye-catching colour schemes to experiemt with this season.To achieve the perfect summer look, NSI Nails offer a range of summer-inspired polish collections to help you create the perfect holiday nails.




Whether it’s crushed shells, beads, dried flowers or crystals, attaching embellishments to your nails is the perfect way to add glamour to your summer wardrobe.

Stencils, vinyls and plate stamping techniques can be used to create intricate patterns, such as animal print or floral designs. Using specialist equipment will give your manicure a sophisticated, professional edge – perfect for special occasions.

Alternatively, if your nails are in need of a spruce up, pretty stickers and transfers offer the ideal quick fix.


Customised nails


If you want to stand out this summer, why not leave your standard manicure behind and try something different.

Nautical themed nails that incorporate painted anchors, fishes or tropical palm trees will give your nails a unique, personal edge and help top off your beach-babe look. Try using a nail art pen or a makeup brush to create unique, bespoke designs and play around with fun patterns, including swirls or polka dots.

To make your customised nails extra special, glitter layering and foil transfers make for great finishing touches.


And finally…


If you prefer to keep it simple, nude nails with a french tip and shiny gloss cover is the ultimate timeless look that is still super-chic.To add a playful twist to the standard french tip, try using pastel colours with gem add-ons.


To help your chosen colour stay on the nail for longer without chipping or smudging, it’s important to prep the nail with an initial base coat before applying the polish, finishing off with a sealant.


When thinking about your summer manicure, be careful not to forget your toes. Having a gorgeous foot pedicure that matches your manicure will make you feel confident when slipping on your flip flops.