If you are on the brink of retirement and contemplating buying that nice little cottage in the Cotswolds, consider the alternatives before making any decisions. A holiday home doesn’t necessarily have to be in bricks and mortar, and with modern motorhomes, the family has all the mod cons to enjoy the camping experience. There are advantages to buying a bricks and mortar second home, yet a mobile solution offers you a different holiday every time, and with the added excitement of fending for yourself, it is an attractive proposition.

The Benefits of a Motorhome

They are indeed many, with the main one being that your transport is also your accommodation, which is not only a lot cheaper, it is far more convenient. Buying a second home involves a very substantial amount of money, yet if you buy a used motorhome, you not only have that second home, but it has cost much less than a house and land.

Holiday Freedom

Owning your own motorhome is akin to owning every holiday you will take from that moment on, and with so many interesting places to experience, each trip will be unique in some way. Camping has always been popular in Britain, so expect to find many modern campsites, which are evenly spread across the country, so finding a suitable place to park for the night is never an issue. Those who are already hooked on self-driving holidays would be quick to explain how many friends they have made since they began to holiday in this fashion, and with so many other families having similar experiences, you are bound to connect.

Luxury Lifestyle

Camping has long been associated with discomfort and improvising, however, modern motorhomes are equipped with everything you could possibly need, and a little more, to make that touring experience a special one.

Buy Used

If you buy a new motorhome, the depreciation will be mainly over the first year or two, so invest in a quality used unit, and it will hold its price until you are ready for an upgrade. A second hand dealer would give a good warranty, and would only sell quality vehicles, and an established supplier would have a wide range of sizes that accommodate from 2-6 people.

Equity Release

Many semi-retired people are taking advantage of equity release programs and investing in a motorhome, in which they can travel anywhere they choose, and without having to book flights and accommodation, it is ideal for those who have the time and the inclination to just get up and go. This is a tax-free sum that is paid out when the lifetime mortgage begins, and it allows a person who is 55 or over, to release a portion of their equity. This money can be used to buy a second hand campervan, and then your holidays are secured for life, and with the freedom to go when and where you like, it makes for an ideal retirement.

So, if you are looking for a holiday home, make sure it is mobile, then you have the ultimate holiday experience.