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Doing Something Different in London

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Big Ben? Just a big old clock. The Tower of London? Just an old prison really. If you’re going to be in London and the idea of hopping on the tube just to go from tourist trap to tourist trap doesn’t sound like the best way to spend your day, then it’s about time you found out how to treat yourself in the capital. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie who loves doing the extraordinary of just someone who wants some much needed me time, here are 4 ways to spend an untraditional day in London.

Do Some Rap Jumping

How does taking a dive face first off a 150ft building sound? If you have never heard of rap jumping, it is a form of abseiling that was created all the way back in the 1960s by the Australian army who probably wanted to look as badass as possible when rappelling down a building. Traditionally when you abseil down a building, you’re doing it with your head facing the wall and going down bum first. In this though, you are tied to the building and go down face first as if you’re going to run down the building.

The one place in the city doing this is Rap Jumping London who are based at Woodberry Down in the north of town. Why are they a bit out of the way? Well they have access to an actual castle that is almost 200feet high. That’s right; you get the chance to repel down a castle.


Float on the Thames

When heights aren’t your thing (and you don’t mind the idea of taking a dip in the Thames) you could try out fly-boarding which is another activity you’ve probably never heard of before. Fly boarding is a bit like using a jet pack on water. You’re strapped on to a small balancing board with something that looks a little like a jet pack. It has a massive tube that pulls in water and launches you in the air where you will either balance and look quite slick or (which is most likely) try your best not to go 10 feet in the air and then fall right back in water.

Get a Hawaiian Massage

There’s an abundance of spas and salons dotted around town that offer a whole host of amazing treatments and getting a massage in London is a must, especially if you’re visiting on a long haul trip and want to get your body out of a jet lag funk. One way to do that would be to get a normal massage, but this isn’t a normal guide for what to do in London.

Instead you’ll want to visit a place like The Hale Clinic just beside Regent Park’s Station and try out a Lomi Lomi massage. What makes a massage like this different? Well for one thing the therapist might just jump up on the table and use their whole-body weight to squeeze and push. The treatment is very intense but is supposed to be great at improving circulation.


Eat on the Tube

Ever sat down on the tube and been met with someone eating a very heavily seasoned bag of chips or a smelly tuna sandwich? Eating in such a confined space isn’t something you’d usually think of doing, but the unique Underground Supper Club is an exclusive monthly dinner event where you have a full slap up meal made by a chef; all done inside an old (refurbished) tube.

It’s a 7 course culinary experience that turns a cabin stuck in a car park in Walthamstow in to one of the most exclusive restaurants in London.