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Earth Networks Makes Weather Tracking Easy

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Over the years, it’s been difficult to properly track the weather. Sure, we have satellite imagery, but that’s only able to show us so much. We’ve never been able to see inside of storms (in a way that actually makes a difference from a meteorological standpoint). With Earth Networks, you can easily track the weather using their fantastic network of weather drones that get inside of the weather, and tell us about impending disasters three times faster than we’ve been able to do before.

It comes down to being able to inform people, right? All of that information is great, but only if you can get that information out to people in a quick manner. The fastest way is to utilize weather displays screens for business—they come in 21” HD monitors through Earth Networks, and act as your personal weather tracker service without you having to do anything. It’s a screen that’s designated to be your personal weather channel with no commercials, no advertisements, and no commentary overlay. How often have you been trying to listen to the weather, when the meteorologist onscreen rambles off about the “what ifs” way too often?

You want to know what’s happening now. You want real-time weather tracking, and you want to bring that awesome capability to your business for yourself, your employees, and your customers to be able to see. Not only is this essential for areas that often encounter tornadoes, but it’s also fantastic if you’re in a snowy environment and you’re looking at harsh winds and hail coming in faster than other predictions stated. Basically, it’s your best line of defense, all the time.