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Enjoy the Famous Hawaiian Welcome

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There are many places that are quite wonderful to visit, and with cheap air travel now prevalent, most are easy to get to. The stunning variety and splendour of Africa is a wonderful opportunity to experience flora and fauna that is unique, Australia is a place of many wonders, and the mysterious and enticing east Asian countries are all worthy of consideration. However, after many arduous months at work, day in, day out, you want to take the time out to relax. Imaging lying on a beautiful soft-sand beach, in glorious sunshine, with the shade of palm trees to keep you cool, a cocktail in hand and no worries at all: that’s what you get when you take a break on Maui, one of the most wonderful of the Hawaiian Islands.

Maui is a place of many wonders, from the stunning beaches to the magnificent volcanoes, waterfalls and other amazing features, but perhaps best of all is the range of affordable Maui beachfront rentals, the best form of accommodation from which to explore and enjoy this captivating and enticing place. We recommend you take a look at this accommodation option as you will find that it is the most cost-effective and surprisingly affordable option, as well as being the one that offers you the very best in privacy and convenience.

Luxury Beachfront Rentals

Why do we recommend beachfront rentals over other more traditional forms of holiday accommodation? You could find a very nice hotel on Maui, at the usual prices, but rest assured you will find a rental accommodation is a much more affordable and enjoyable way to spend your time on this quite delectable island. For a start, you have none of the restrictions of hotel living – you can come and go as you please, with no other guests to worry about, and enjoy dining outdoors on your provided alfresco dining area. You can also choose from self-catering or catered accommodation, and the setting will be quite spectacular.

For example, consider the magnificent Hekili Point, a truly luxurious 4-bedroom villa in a spot that can only be described as amazing. With luxurious fixtures and fittings, this wonderful house is inspired by old-Hawaiian architecture, and gives you the opportunity to house as many as eight people in genuine luxury. Occupying a wonderful spot with easy access to the beautiful beach, plus the added advantage of a pool, private terrace, a hot tub with ocean views and more, this is the place to get away from it all for the perfect family break in a genuine tropical idyll.

If you are looking for a romantic break for two, we can recommend the quaint and quite wonderful one-bedroom residences at Montage Kapalua Bay. There is a choice of a few of these beautiful houses, each occupying a stunning spot within this fabulous resort, and you get views and access to one of the best beaches in the world – we are not exaggerating, it really is – plus use of a wide range of facilities. Maui is a place that offers you everything from sporting pursuits to pure relaxation, all with incredible weather and the traditional warm Hawaiian welcome.

Much to Do in Maui

If you are not content with lying in pure relaxation on a glorious beach, there is plenty more to do on Maui. This is an island of many contrasts; on the one hand you have the stunning warm sands and ocean waters that ring the island, while on the other you have access to amazing volcanoes – one of the features that Hawaii is famous for – and beautiful waterfalls, and then there’s the amazing towns, where you will be welcomed with open arms wherever you go.

If you want to cook at your residence, you should check out the markets selling local authentic produce, and there is plenty to be said for the seafood available around the island. However, eating out is always a big part of the holiday experience, so we recommend you check out many of the friendly and charming restaurants and cafes around the island.

A fun and relaxed atmosphere can be found at Zippy’s, and you won’t find many friendlier places than this, where it is recommended you try their speciality, Loco Moco. You should also take a look at Da Kitchen, which offers a full menu of local dishes, and be aware that the portions are always large when eating on Maui, so you might want to consider sharing to save money.

Relax and Enjoy

Back to your beachfront rental after a long, relaxing day, and you can continue to enjoy your time on this wonderful island in luxurious surroundings. Untroubled by others, you can spend time on your outdoor patio, take a dip in the pool, or simply enjoy a drink in peace while taking your deserved time away from the rigours of daily life.

Relaxation and enjoyment is what Maui and Hawaii are all about. There is a different pace of life here, one where time seems to slow down and everything happens in its own time, and you will find it to be a world apart, somewhere you previously only imagined could really exist.

For the holiday of a lifetime, whether as a couple or a family group, you really need to go to Maui, and we guarantee that once you see how affordable a beachfront rental is on this quite glorious island, you will want to return time and time again.